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Thursday, September 03 2015
Hair Follicles Testing

Drug testing changes are proposed due to 4% of trucking related accidents involve drugs who test "dirty" for drugs.  Four percent!   Well let's make this a high priority issue!!!  This needs to top the list of things of fix with the FMCSA.  The issue of lack of parking, inadequate HOS regulations and 40,000+ driver shortage have nothing on this 4% issue.   We must prioritize!

Now I am not making short of the need for drug and alcohol testing.  I do fully support the program.  I think all workers should be d&a tested; not just truckers.  I just feel that all the hassle over a number that equals 4% of truckers involved in accidents is not an issue that involves enough drivers to warrant such priority.  I also oppose follicles testing as the "go to" method.   As often as some drivers are tested, they are going to be bald.  All jokes aside!  Follicles testing is invasive.  Urine testing is a common and acceptable method.  I would support anyone on an SAP program to undergo follicles testing.   That is logical.  Then again, we are talking about a government agency; why involve logic?

Unions appose these types of tests.   As much as I generally disagree with the Unions, we are on the same side here.  If a company wishes to implement an employee wide follicles testing program; then so be it.  You accept that by going to work for them.  JB Hunt is reported to have such a program.  But I cannot condone this as a nationwide requirement.

What are your thoughts?  Let your voices be heard!


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