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The DOT Doctor:
Trucking Accountant
Service Offerings Include
  • Invoicing / Billing
  • Collections
  • Trucker Tax Prep - IFTA, 2290, UCR
  • Tax Prep - Annual & Quarterly Filings (Tax by Fax service)
  • Monthly Reportings - payroll, u/e, w/c
  • Payroll Management & HR Services
  • Profit / Loss statements
  • Permits & Licensing
  • Record Keeping
  • Claims Management
  • Bill Paying / Mail Services
  • Routing / Fuel Calculations (fuel cost savings)
  • Load Management / Location
Expertise In:
  • ComChek Systems
  • Turbo Tax
  • MS Money
  • Lawson
  • PeachTree
  • QuickBooks  
  • Trucker's Helper
  • PC Miler
  • Load Board Services
Bookkeeping services provided by accountants with TRUCKING INDUSTRY expertise and experience

Our accountants have handled the books for various trucking companies, Owner-Operators and small businesses in the transportation industry.

We speak YOUR language and understand YOUR needs.

We find industry specific deductions that benefit you and save you money / reduce your taxes.

Truckers are their own unique breed with their own unique needs.  Why not hire an accountant that understands those needs?

We understand mileage pay, percentage pay, back haul revenue, per diem, state fuel tax calculations, multi-state tax systems, Owner / Driver split, fuel service charges, extra value service offering compensations and other trucking industry specific revenues / expenses. 


We know how hard you work.  Don't let the hassles of paperwork burden you down.

Let The DOT Doctor's Trucking Accountants make your money work for you.

800# is no longer in operations.

Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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Cost of trucking
With the small profit margin, while pay unnecessary fines? TDD can help!
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TDD: Compliance, Business, Logistics and Risk Management Services, Financial Analysis and Tax Filing

The DOT Doctor
USA, Mexico and Canada

phone 1- 903-910-9009 US Services

                                                    1-903-910-9075 Mexico/Canada Services

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