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The DOT Doctor:

Welcome to The DOT Doctor: DOT Compliance Services

Ask yourself:

  • Are you leaving yourself vulnerable to DOT fines?  
  • Do you know fines can easily be $10,000 and come with jail time?
  • Confused by all the changing rules? 
  • What applies to my business and what can I ignore? 
  • Do I have a hidden fleet?
  • Do my drivers have the right training?  
  • Is my HR department in compliance?  
  • What is the UCR and why do I care?  
  • What numbers do I use this quarter to file my IFTA? 
  • Do I have to file IFTA taxes?
  • Do I need a US DOT or MC number?  How do I get one?
  • Will I end up in Safety Jail?   How do I avoid this situation?
  • Does CSA affect me or my company?  What is it anyway?
  • What are the latest changes and updates?
  • How do I find out my CSA or PSP score?
The DOT Doctor offers nationwide service that caters to the Transportation Industry. With over a century of combined experience and expertise you can feel comfortable and confident that your regulatory matters are being handled professionally, properly and timely. Federal and State regulations are very complex and constantly changing. Let our experienced staff access your needs and design a custom safety management program for you. Our services are available in a number of options from flat rate to hourly or product services such as: subscription services, package services and ala carte. Choose one service or a variety of services to keep you compliant.  Owner Operators and small fleets are our specialty. No company is too large or too small for The DOT Doctor's services.

The DOT Doctor will handle all your compliance needs from hiring through driver training and orientation to monthly safety meetings complete with newsletters.  Our staff can handle all your HR needs including Driver Qualification files and annual reviews.  We monitor driver performance, audit logbooks for US Department of Transportation Compliance, write corrective action letters and provide training from the Smith System trained staff.

Let us take the worries off your mind with our IFTA quarterly filing services, annual Heavy Vehicle Usage (Form 2290) tax filing and Unified Carrier Registration calculation and filings.  We handle your trip packs and keep your fleet legal.  Our maintenance program documents all Driver Vehicle Inspection Report activity, records repairs and maintenance plus provides you with Preventive Maintenance alerts customized to your maintenance schedule. We can even offer advice to your tax accountant to help save you money along with supplying tax exempt forms for fleets with Motor Carrier numbers which will save you money on the spot.

Do what you do best and let us keep your fleet compliant.  Let us help you as we have helped so many others.  Contact the DOT DOCTOR today! 


Our DOT Compliance Services cover The General Applicability of Federal Motor

Carrier Safety Regulations for Property and Passenger Carriers that are found in the

following US DOT FMCSA Regulations:

Part 40

Part 379

Part 382.103

Part 383.3

Part 387.3

Part 387.27

Part 390.3

Part 396.3

800# is no longer in operations.

Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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