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The DOT Doctor:

The DOT Doctor knows DOT Compliance can be difficult and costly to accomplish.  We want to be your compliance partner.  Our Training Kits are a highly cost effective way to provide the required training your drivers and mangers must have to be compliant.

DOT Compliance is a serious matter.  Safety is a prime concern for any carrier.

The DOT Doctor has created easy to use Training Kits.  With these kits, anyone can present the material.  Our Kits were created with the assistance of a Former Teacher to ensure ease of usability while offering a program that will produce results.

Our unique system makes every presenter an expert.  Step-by-step instructions allow for easy preparation even when you are unfamiliar with the subject matter.

The Lesson Plan states the objective and outlines the training session.  Speaking points, references, quizzes, worksheets and a supply list (when applicable) are all included. 

You set the pace the class moves.  Our Power Point Shows allow for and encourage interaction instead of the droning on of an inanimate video that sets its own pace.  You decide what to focus on as it best fits your needs.  We dont believe in one size fits all.  Our Training Kits allow for customization as well as focus on key topics and features.  Use these Kits for a full training or a refresher course. Just follow the simple steps and your training will be a success!

Just follow the simple steps and your training will be a success!

This is one of the easiest training kits you can purchase. 

Each training comes in both English and Spanish.  No additional cost! 

$$$ MONEY SAVER $$$ - Reprint the worksheets, quizzes and handouts as often as needed.  No need to buy refills.  One purchase and done.   With our automatic update program, if the DOT Regulation(s) that your training contains changes; we automatically send you the updated program.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Step by Step Instructions for Use
  • Lesson Plans
  • PPTX/PPSX in English and Spanish
  • Slide show Script
  • Exercises/Demonstrations in English and Spanish
  • Handouts in English and Spanish
  • Quiz and Answer Key in English and Spanish
  • Videos
  • Sign in Sheet (a must for proof of training and DOT Compliance)
  • Certification of Completion
  • 1 Executive Certificate on card stock with a Presentation folder

Delivered in Print format and on a Jump Drive

Unlimited reprints and usage available

Add-on services available include:

  • Professional trainer onsite
  • Professional trainer in our Gun Barrel City classroom
  • Additional Executive Certificates
  • Customization of Executive Certificates
  • Automatic Update Program
  • Multiple Training Kit Discount

View additional trainings and options at:

Download the Complete List of Training Kits available.

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    Statistics show that traffic accidents affect about 1 out of every 12 people each year. When the unexpected happens a driver needs to know how to follow a set of procedures in order to safely and legally deal with the situation in a short period of time.

    This training program will address immediate response, information gathering and the regulations regarding accident reporting.

    This Training Applies to CMV Drivers, Dispatchers and Members of the Safety Team

    Applicable Regulations

    • 49 CFR 390.15


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    Defensive driving is one of those skills that seem so fundamental, so obvious, it's easy to take it for granted.  Drivers may let their guard down the more miles they log or the longer they go without a serious incident.

    This training is for all drivers not just CMV drivers.

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    Professional drivers have to perform their job in many difficult driving conditions. Extreme, adverse and inclement weather does not stop the load from moving. Drivers need to adjust and adapt to difficult driving conditions.

    Difficult driving conditions may include:

    • Rain, Thunderstorms, Flooding
    • Night Driving
    • Sun Glare
    • Fog
    • Hail
    • Black Ice
    • Ice and Snow
    • Windstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes

    Training Applies to ALL Commercial Drivers

    Applicable Regulations:

    • Adverse Driving Conditions 395.1(b)(1)

    Training time approximately 2 hours

    Can be taught in one setting or broken into sub-trainings

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    It is important that everyone at your company understands the disqualification requirements in Sec. 383.51 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) especially your drivers.

    A driver holding a commercial driver's license (CDL) or commercial learner's permit (CLP) can be disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) if convicted of certain violations while driving any type of vehicle. This includes violations while operating a personal vehicle on personal time.

    This training program will address the driver disqualification regulations in Sec. 383.51 of the FMCSRs including what constitutes a disqualifying offense and the consequences associated with being convicted of a disqualifying offense. It also addresses the elimination of the practice of "masking" convictions by a state on a driver's driving record.

    This Training Applies to All CDL drivers and their Managers

    Applicable Regulations

    • 49 CFR 383.51
    • 49 CFR 384.226

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    Keeping a record of your duty status is one of the tasks a driver performs on a daily basis. Making sure it is legal and current can at times be difficult and/or confusing.

    This training program will review the basics of keeping an accurate, legal and current driver’s log.

    Note: This training deals in how to properly fill out a log. It does not teach Hours of Service. That training is available separately.

    This Training Applies To Drivers, Dispatchers and Supervisors. 

    In addition, any other employee who reviews a driver's record of duty status, assigns loads or makes work schedules should have a working knowledge of the regulations to stay in compliance with the FMCSRs.

    Applicable Regulations

    • 49 CFR395.8
    • 49 CFR 395.8(e)
    • 49 CFR 395.2

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    A New Entry Driver is a CDL driver with less than 1 year of verifiable experience operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in interstate commerce.

    If you are uncertain of your driver’s qualification or could not receive a response to your SPH inquiries; it is highly recommended that your driver complete this training.

    This Training Applies to Drivers with less than 12 months of Verifiable CDL Interstate experience and their Supervisors.

    Applicable Regulations

    • 49 CFR 380, Subpart E
    • 49 CFR 391.11
    • 49 CFR 391.15
    • 49 CFR 391, Subpart E
    • 49 CFR 395
    • 29 CFR 1978

    Reg. Price:
    Sale Price:
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    Parts 392 and 396 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) address the subject of Vehicle Inspection.  All motor carriers and drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles fall under these regulations.

    Part 396 of the FMCSR requires Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections on each vehicle a driver is assigned to drive. The idea behind the requirement is to put safer vehicles on the road as a way to help prevent accidents. A thorough inspection can also help a driver avoid mechanical breakdowns and unwanted "downtime."

    This training program will address the basics of Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections, On-the-Road Inspection rules and how to handle a Roadside Inspection.

    This Training Applies to All CMV Drivers, Mechanics and Supervisors

    Training should be a part of driver orientation.

    Applicable Regulations

    • 49 CFR 392.7
    • 49 CFR 392.8
    • 49 CFR 392.9
    • 49 CFR 393.95
    • 49 CFR 396.11
    • 49 CFR 396.17
    • 49 CFR 396.19
    • 49 CFR 396.21
    • 49 CFR 396.23
    • 49 CFR 396.25
    • 49 CFR 396.3
    • 49 CFR 396.3(a)
    • 49 CFR 396.3(b)
    • 49 CFR 396.3 (b)(1)
    • 49 CFR 396.3 (b)(2)
    • 49 CFR 396.3 (b)(3)

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    Experienced drivers should have a strong understanding of the hours of service regulations. In order for supervisors to understand the many stresses put on drivers on a daily basis, they too need to know and understand the hours of service regulations. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Drivers cannot be dispatched properly if their Dispatcher / Load Planner does not have a full comprehension of the HOS. 

    During a DOT Audit, carriers may be required to produce a Dispatch Log and proof of how they track their driver’s hours to ensure compliance.  This includes log auditing and documentation, comprehension of the HOS as it applies to your operation, proof of route checking, trip documentation and a written HOS Plan & Policy.

    This training program is a review of the basic hours of service requirements found in Part 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), as they apply to property-carrying vehicles.

    This training will help the supervisor gain a reasonable understanding of the hours of service regulations in order to improve scheduling and productivity pertaining to drivers.

    Applies to Managers, dispatchers and supervisors for motor carriers engaged in the transportation

    industry.  In addition, any other employee who reviews a driver's record of duty status, assigns

    loads or makes work schedules should have a working knowledge of the regulations to stay in

    compliance with the FMCSRs.

    Applicable Regulations

    • 49 CFR 390.5
    • 49 CFR 395.2
    • 49 CFR 395.3
    • 49 CFR 395.8
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    2-Day Class packed full of intensive instruction taught by Dr. Sitler and her team of FMCSA experts.  Dr. Sitler began TDD in 2008 after spending over 20 years in the trucking industry.  Job experience includes: managing a successful mid-sized trucking company, small fleet owner, CDL-A driver and global consultant.  Her team brings over a century of combined experience to the event including a former teacher who aided in designing the curriculum for this training session. 

    Excellent for anyone involved or seeking to be involved in ground transportation management.  Something for everyone!  Even the most seasoned veteran has told us they learned something new at our training sessions.  TDD brings the most current and up to date changes to the session.  Regulations are explained and compared to their predecessors.  Adequate q&a time for all in open session as well as email follow up for those seeking a private q&a time.

    800# is no longer in operations.

    Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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