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The DOT Doctor:
Accident and Incidents

Every year companies spend millions of dollars to clean up accidents.  This does not have to be you.  Have a custom designed Safety Management Program made for your company today.

Proper Rest

The best method is accident avoidance and incident prevention.  Let the DOT Doctor show you how.

You may ask what is the difference between an accident and an incident.  Accidents involve a moving vehicle and another moving object.  An incident is when a moving vehicle hits a stationary object.  There are also human accidents such as injuries during a load or unload in which a human is injured.

Our Smith System trained specialists can help teach your drivers, supervisors and O/Os how to avoid accidents.  We have mastered advanced driver training techniques such as skid pad courses.  Your fleet can become safer in adverse weather conditions or haul a tanker with more confidence.

Proper rest, rejuvenation, maintenance of HOS compliance and a health diet complete with exercise can keep you alert.  Let us show you how.  There are simple exercises you can do on the road and suggested dietary guidelines with location guide.

The DOT Doctor can train the staff or train the trainer.   You will save on insurance premiums, equipment costs, driver downtime, Workers Compensation costs and improve your Safer Score.  More importantly you can help make a difference on the roads and in your community.  You can save lives and improve your company's image.  You can improve the image of your chosen profession.  Remember: the life you save may be that of your loved ones.

Safety does not cost; it pays.  Call the DOT Doctor today! 

This service is available through subscription, package or ala carte.

3 million mile award

Million Mile Safe Driver Awards

The DOT Doctor can help your drivers and Owner-Operators achieve these milestones.  We train load planning, map reading, time management, proper way to conduct a pre/post trip, basic vehicle maintenance, hazard awareness, how to comply with the DOT HOS (logbooks), stress management, speed management, spill prevention and containment, proper load securement, proper loading techniques, proper freight handling, customer management and much more.

Driver awareness and monitoring programs are available.  We will spot check your drivers on the road to see if they are following the rules of the road, speeding, abiding by company policies (i.e. passengers or pets onboard), maintain current logs, proper load securement and much more.  The DOT Doctor will return a full report and documentation regarding your drivers status.

The DOT Doctor will conduct accident, incident and claims investigations.  Protect yourself with a through investigation of the situation.  Time is of the essence.  24 hour emergency staff on call for accident assistance.  Spill response trained.  Haz-mat trained.

Keep the shiny up and the dirty side down.  Let us help you tailor a program to assist your drivers on the highways.

Investigative and training services available through package, subscription or ala carte.  Perfect addition to our safety management program offering.

800# is no longer in operations.

Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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