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The DOT Doctor:
New Business Set Up
Trucking companies, brokers, 3PLs and other transportation industry businesses have their own unique regulatory requirements.  The DOT Doctor is here to take the guess work, agony and stress out of setting up your new business. 


Protect yourself from the New FMCSA rulings.  As of Dec 16, 2008...

The final rule issued by the FMCSA establishes that a newly registered trucking or bus company will automatically fail its safety audit if it violates any one of 16 essential federal regulations during the 18-month safety monitoring period. These essential regulations cover controlled substances and alcohol testing, hours-of-service, driver qualifications, vehicle condition, and carrier financial responsibility.

If a company fails its new entrant safety audit, it may result in revocation of a carrier’s registration with the agency, unless the carrier takes necessary corrective action within a specified time period established by FMCSA.

The rule would also require that if during the 18-month safety monitoring period, certain violations are discovered during roadside inspections, the new entrant may be subjected to a new entrant expedited safety audit or in the case of serious safety violations, a more comprehensive compliance review, which can result in fines and penalties. The carrier may also be required to submit a written corrective action plan explaining in detail how the carrier will achieve compliance with the safety rules and improve its safety performance.

The final rule on the New Entrant Safety Assurance Process is available for review on the FMCSA Web site in Rules and Regulations.


The DOT Doctor can offer you protect through our New Business Plan. 

Don't risk fines!  Subscribe today!!!

New Business Set Up Package

Establish your own DOT authority (New Entrant Package) IFTA Establishment
Establish your MC# 1st Year IFTA / Log Book Auditing Presidential Plan
BOC-3 Processing Form 2290 Filing
MC-150 / MC-150A / MC-150B (hazmat) 1st UCR Filing
OP-1 Safety Auditing Advice
DOT HOS Training for Driver and Supervisors Accident Registry Service for 1 year
Maintenance Record Retention with PM Alert for 1st Year Industry Update Notifications
Driver Recruiting and Retention Tips Basic Written Safety Policies
Basic DOT Compliance Package Clean / Green Advice
BBB Advice DQ File Set Up
Virtual Safety Meeting and e-Newsletter at 50% OFF

15% on additional services

Over a $30,000 value.  Only $20,000 for complete business set up package service with 1st year full maintenance / safety package including Presidential IFTA / Log Auditing Services*.   Plus 1 of each Pocketbook shown above is included, for a limited time only.

order now

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 * includes 1st truck, additional trucks $500 each for full annual services

** OOIDA members receive an additional 5% discount on all orders


The DOT Doctor can handle all your paperwork and final IFTA filing for only $500*.

* Included up to 5 trucks.  Call for pricing on additional vehicles.

** OOIDA member discount applies

Services Desired (Annual Payment)
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Business Set Up Package
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